Showcase the potential of your venue.

Launch Virtual Tour

Google Street View Virtual Tours allow your business to harness the power of virtual reality to remain open online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Provide event planners with the opportunity to explore all areas of your function space in an efficient and interactive way.


Virtual Tours showcase your venue and its capabilities to people across Google, your Facebook and website, helping to increase enquiries and bookings.

Google is #1 for Search

Studies indicate 97% of people search for local businesses online before making a decision. 62% of people use Google.

Double the interest

Those who view a Google listing with a Virtual Tour are twice as likely to be interested in making an enquiry or booking.

Boost Your Google Ranking

Ranking is influenced by the amount of activity and quality content on your listing. Virtual Tours lead to more clicks and time spent on your website.

Say hello to the future.

Go virtual, remain open online 24/7

Go beyond GoogleEmbed an Enhanced Virtual Tour on your website. 


Incorporate your visual identity into the Virtual Tour. Add your logo to the menu and visually align your tour with your website and branding.


A drop-down style menu which enables direct access to key areas for quick and easy navigation throughout the venue.


Provide insight about the overall layout of any function space and its surroundings. Integrated floor plans give guests a 'click-to-teleport' experience.


Attract attention to specific items to provide further information about the function space (i.e. different room types, facilities and features offered).


Allow guests to navigate directly to your website, social media pages or booking system from within the Virtual Tour.


Launch integrated YouTube or Vimeo videos to provide more details about the venue's facilities and service capabilities, show testimonials and more.

Case Study:

The Australian Turf Club

In 2016, The Australian Turf Club asked us to bring Royal Randwick and Rosehill Gardens into the future with fully interactive and functional virtual tours.


This marks a new record for the two largest Google Street View virtual tours in Australia and will allow viewers to discover the Racecourses online from both the ground and air.


Enhanced Google Street View virtual tours optimise the experience to retain viewers and help them in practical ways. Branded menus, pop-up informational boxes and interactive media make it possible to maximise the amount of information the tour can provide in the most efficient manner.


Viewers will be able to use the tour in a myriad of functional ways beyond the aesthetic.

As the areas available for booking within the grounds can be tailored to specific needs, the Enhanced Google Virtual Tour experience allows viewers to cycle between room configurations – e.g. Select ‘QE2 Grandstand’ > ‘Level 2’ > ‘Ballroom’ in the tour menu below.


In Motion Aero owns and operates a CASA certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft to capture aerial 360° photos, allowing the visitor to appreciate the venue from above and get a better idea of the outdoor spaces and their possibilities. We are used to dealing with the highest regulatory compliance and safety standards.


The sheer size and coverage of both tours meant getting the most out of three photographers over 5 days of shooting, dodging other contractors, employees of the Australian Turf Club and the public, to allow for the cleanest possible interpretation of the premise.

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Function Spaces
Outdoor Areas
Still Photos Captured
360 Photos Created
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