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Welcome to the frontier of digital immersion, where VR experiences redefine engagement. Draw your audience into a captivating journey, enabling them to traverse and interact seamlessly within your virtual narrative. Through multifunctional hotspots and clickable elements, let them unravel the unique tale of your business as they explore.

Powerful Features 


Transform a space with a single click and alternate between multiple set-ups and themes of a room from any given position within the tour.


Transmit the true spirit of a place by interactively showcasing changes in lighting or ambience over time.


Perfect for showcasing larger venues and environments from above. We can even connect multiple shots to create a 'sky tour' experience.


Give users a better sense of the overall layout of the venue. Single or multi-level floor plans provide a straightforward 'click-to-teleport' experience.


Allow users to click on any object or area to launch a video and discover more information and details inside the scene without having to leave the tour.


An integrated Google Maps pop-up which shows users where your venue is located and points-of-interest in the surrounding area.


Provide users with quick and easy navigation throughout the premises with a custom menu designed with your branding in mind.


Attract attention to objects or areas to provide further information about particular features, products, services, sales or promotions. Make your brochures, posters, flyers etc. come to life with a single click!

360° VIDEO

Make scenes come to life by incorporating 360° videos within the tour. Just like 360° panoramas, 360° videos can include hotspots which dynamically adjust with the movement of the video.


Feature high-quality still images to complement scenes within the tour with integrated photo albums. Show images in full or apply a 'Ken Burns effect'.


Incorporate music, voice overs or sound effects throughout the tour to further immerse the user. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance with any audio production.


Provide users with the ability to inspect objects within the tour and make them come to life with a 3D object pop-up window.


Allow users to click on a person or object within the tour to make them start talking or moving within the 360° panorama itself – no pop-up window needed!


Sell directly to customers within the advanced tour by integrating your booking system or online store.


Publish tours online if you want your audience to see your tour on websites or share it via link. Alternatively, we can export with a standalone player to make your tour run locally and offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a virtual tour?

For your business

    • A virtual tour is a very cost efficient marketing tool which boosts impressions of your business online.
    • Showcases the décor, ambiance and unique qualities of your business premises in an interactive way.
    • Increases engagement with your store online and encourages potential customers to look around.
    • Free to embed on web pages and share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter.


For your customers

    • Your business is open online 24/7, 365 days a year to potential customers from all over the world.
    • Customers can walk through the front door virtually and experience your business as they would in person.
    • All tours are viewable on computers, smartphones, tablets and VR Headsets.
    • Allows customers to “see before they buy”, both in terms of products and viability of your premises.
    • Intuitive and straightforward tour interface and navigation.

How much does it cost?
Each Advanced Virtual Tour we create is unique and customised to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your options or schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our experts (free consults only available to businesses within 20 km of Sydney CBD).

How do I prepare my business for the photo shoot?
In preparation for our visit please turn on all of your lights and present the area as you would like it to be seen for the best result possible. The aim of the tour is to show customers what they would expect to see if they visited your business on a normal day.


Depending on the size of the venue and where we are shooting from, we may need to vacate immediate areas whilst we conduct the photo shoot.

Will my business be disrupted?
We carry out all our photo shoots with minimum impact to the business. It is up to you whether or not your business is open or closed at the time of the shoot. Day or night, populated or not, we work with total consideration to your business needs.

How long will a photo shoot take?
Shooting time can vary from as little as 30 minutes for a micro business, or a number of days for a larger venue. It all depends on the number of 360° photo positions needed to sufficiently showcase your business. 

How fast will my Advanced Virtual Tour be online?
Depending on the size and complexity of the Advanced Virtual Tour, initial drafts can be ready for review within 5-10 business days from the photoshoot. Once you are happy with the final result, we will issue an embed code or the tour files, based on your preferred Hosting Option.


All of our 360° HDR photos pass through a quality control check to ensure all tours meet our consistently high production standards.

What is a Hotspot?
A hotspot is an interactive graphic or area within the Advanced Virtual Tour.


By clicking on it, users can trigger a behaviour, such as moving to another panorama, playing a video, showing a photo, displaying information, listening to an audio, entering a website or showing and hiding elements of the interface. When creating your virtual tour we can add as many hotspots as you want and assign any of the aforementioned functions.

Can I sell my products/services within the Advanced Virtual Tour?
Yes! You can integrate your booking system or online store and sell directly to customers within the Advanced Virtual Tour using hotspots. 

Can I showcase multiple setups/themes for a single space?
Yes! We can capture a room in different theme configurations so that users can transform the space with a single click.

Do I need to provide any media for Advanced Virtual Tour production?
We capture, process & connect all HDR 360° panoramas for the Advanced Virtual Tour, create & optimise skin layouts and enable/disable specific functions.


However, you will need to provide us with still images for photo galleries, floor plans and any specific business or marketing information (text) you would like included in the hotspots.


If you’re unsure what’s required on your end, you can always contact us to discuss your options in detail.

Will my tour work on any device, operating system and browser?
Yes. Thanks to our responsive virtual tour technology, which automatically adapts to the device, system and browser used by your clients, you don’t have to worry about display problems at all.


Your Advanced Virtual Tour will be visible on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad and on popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, without having to download any additional software, players or plug-ins. For those seeking full immersion, Advanced Tours are also compatible with VR headsets like Oculus, Samsung Gear, Vive, and Google Cardboard.

Where can I display my Advanced Virtual Tour?
You can display your tour on your company’s website in order to improve your online appearance. Getting customers to interact with your Advanced Virtual Tour will give you a competitive advantage because it gets the user engaged. Tours can also be launched and opened in a dedicated browser window using a URL or hyperlink. 

Can I share my Advanced Virtual Tour on social media?
Of course. When using our internal Hosting service, you can get a link that you can post and share on any platform. Alternatively, you can upload the tour to your own hosting service and embed/link to the tour URL as you would any other post.

How do I add my Advanced Virtual Tour to my Website?
You can create a new webpage to embed and display only your Advanced Virtual Tour or you can add it to an existing webpage. Your Advanced Virtual Tour can then be seen by visitors of your page – without having to download any additional software or special players.

What is hosting? What options do I have?
Just like websites, Advanced Virtual Tours are ‘hosted’, or stored, on special computers called servers. Hosting, put simply, is the place where all the files of your Advanced Virtual Tour reside.


Hosting With Us
Suitable for:

    • Those who don’t have their own server(s) or don’t know how to upload files onto the internet using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program.
    • Those who require periodic updates/changes to the tour and ongoing technical support. Any updates/changes made to a tour will be reflected immediately where ever the tour is being displayed.


    • We provide a direct link to the tour (URL)
      Responsive embed code (HTML) for embedding the tour on a website.
    • Ongoing technical support for duration of the hosting.
    • Minor updates/changes to the tour.

Associated Costs:

    • $15 per month per tour, charged annually.
    • Major updates/changes to the tour are charged separately on a case-by-case basis.


Hosting On Your Own Server

Suitable for:

    • Those who have their own server(s) and know how to upload files using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program.
    • Those who do not require any updates/changes to the tour or technical support.


    • We provide all tour files, pre-organised into specific folders, ready to be uploaded to your server [no direct link (URL) to the tour or responsive embed code (HTML) for embedding is provided].

Associated Costs:

    • No hosting fees.
    • Additional costs will be charged on a case-by-case basis for all updates or changes to the tour. Note: All tour files will need to be re-delivered and re-uploaded to your hosting.

Can Advanced Virtual Tours be published to Google Street View?
Yes. For a small additional charge, we can publish to Google Street View which is a great way to extend your marketing so you and your business can reach an even bigger audience.


When searching for your business on Google, your customers will see the 360° imagery that the photographer captured and will be able to virtually visit your business.

Can tours be viewed and used without an internet connection?
You have the option to allow your Advanced Virtual Tour to be downloaded as an App to Windows & Android devices for offline viewing.


Advanced Virtual Tour can also be exported as an auto-executable format consisting of one single file (.EXE for Windows & .DMG for Mac computers) that can be emailed or stored on services like Dropbox for fast and easy sharing.

Does my Advanced Virtual Tour need to be updated?
No. However, some businesses update periodically to reflect changes in design, have recently updated their stock or are taking advantage of our Room Transformation feature with on-going photo shoots and tour updates.