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Google Street View allows your business to harness the power of virtual reality to remain open online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


A virtual tour provides parents with the opportunity to explore all areas of your childcare or early learning facility in an interactive way online.


Efficiently showcase the cleanliness, features, equipment, ambiance and layout of your centre.

Google is #1 for Search

Studies indicate 97% of people search for local businesses online before making a decision. When searching, 62% of people use Google.

Double the interest

Those who view a Google listing with a Virtual Tour are twice as likely to visit or schedule an appointment.

Boost Your Google Ranking

Ranking is influenced by the amount of activity and quality content on your listing. Virtual Tours lead to more clicks and time spent on your website.

Say hello to the future.

Go virtual, remain open online 24/7

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Project Case Study:

Thrive Childcare Centres

In May 2018, Thrive Childcare asked us to create Virtual Tours for each of their 5 locations to provide a 24/7 Open Day to show Parents all of the unique features and facilities of their centre and provide them with all of the information they need.


Each Virtual Tour consisted of a tour consisted of approx. 30 x 360° panoramas, photographed to include all interior and exterior areas of the centre. These photos were then expertly colour-graded and published to each location’s Google Search, Maps, Street View and Maps Mobile listings.


We then created an Enhanced Version of each of the tours for use on their Website and Social Media channels.

The Enhanced Tour adds features which are not available through the traditional Google platform including: a Branded drop-down style Navigational Menu which enables direct access to key areas for quick and easy navigation throughout the centre; and Information Boxes which can be added to start upon clicking any of the areas listed in the Menu, to provide viewers with further details about the area including links to websites or pdfs.


All 5 locations were organized, photographed, edited, and published in 14 days. Since publishing in May 2018, the Thrive Early Learning centres virtual tours have accumulated over 444,900 views on Google Maps and Thrive’s website – an average of 3,370 virtual tour views per week.