Just Food For Dogs uses Google Street View Virtual Tours to drive website traffic and interest in their brand and online stores. The Results: 50% increase in the click-through rate from the search results to its website. A 23.7% increase in Google+ Page impressions – from 892 impressions 30 days prior to the photo shoot, to 1104 impressions 30 days after.


“We can’t see anything else that provides more value than a customer interacting for 30 seconds with a Google Virtual Tour. It conveys everything we would want to communicate about the value of our company. Any future location that we open is going to have this feature. I think it’s invaluable and it’s going to be necessary.” – Justin Bonatto, Marketing Coordinator

Google Street View Virtual Tours helped diners decide where to eat during the NYC Restaurant Week™ Challenge. The Results: 85% of 1300 surveyed customers said a virtual tour played a factor in their restaurant choice, where 55% of all participating restaurants had a virtual tour.


Results showed that customers were more likely to reserve a table at those restaurants with tours rather than those without. 50% of visitors who viewed a virtual tour for a given business clicked through to make a reservation. 30% higher click through to reservations for restaurant listings that included a virtual tour.

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