Custom Virtual Tour | FAQ

What's the benefit of a Custom Virtual Tour?
Custom Tours provide greater control when shaping the user experience, allowing you to closely align the tour with your business or branding. Unlike Google Street View Trusted, Custom Tours allow users to not only navigate, but engage with the physical space or business via interactive widgets and hotspots. 

What features can be included in a Custom Virtual Tour?
We can include features such as Text/Image/PDF Hotspots, Website Links, Interactive Floor Plans, Music, Sounds, Video Layers and Aerial 360° Points. We can also customise the design of the user interface including navigational styling, maps, menus,  custom logos and branding. 

How do I prepare for the photo shoot?
You are welcome to clean and tidy things up prior to the photo shoot, but remember that the aim of the virtual tour is to show viewers what they would expect to see if they visited the location on a normal day.

How long does it take?
Shooting time can vary from as little as 30 minutes for a small space up to several hours for a larger venues. It all depends on the number of camera positions and the size of your premises.

How fast will the tour be online?
Most Custom Tours are live within 7 days from the photo shoot. All of our photos pass through a quality control check to ensure all tours meet our consistently high standards.

Where can I display the tour?
You can embed your Custom Tour into any web page that supports HTML, as well as social media pages like Facebook.

How much does it cost?
Virtual Tours are cheaper than comparable marketing/advertising expenses, as it is a one off fee, with no monthly or ongoing charges. As there are many different considerations for a custom virtual tour we cannot give you an accurate quote without discussion, please contact us on 0452 357 300 or use our contact form located here

Are there any discounts?
Yes! We offer discounts to returning customers who wish to have their tour updated periodically, usually to reflect changes in store layout, seasonal merchandise etc. If you have other branches or get together with your neighboring businesses we can offer a Multiples Discount for booking them at the same time. Multiples Discounts range from 10% to 25% depending on how many shoots are required.

Can I take the pictures myself?
We photograph our custom virtual tours using top of the line cameras, lenses and panoramic tripod heads to make the virtual tour as smooth as possible. Without this equipment, tours will suffer from issues such as uneven horizons, low grainy resolution and ghosting.

What measures are in place to ensure privacy and legal compliance?
Our Photographers can exclude any areas which you would not like to feature. To uphold the privacy of both the customers and employees, all individuals in the store are notified before their photo is taken. In addition, all imagery is processed in house with state-of-the-art blurring technology to disguise individual’s faces and vehicle licence plates. You  can also request additional blurring (security cameras, sensitive documents etc.). 

Does the tour need to be updated?
Some businesses update their Virtual Tour periodically to reflect changes in layout, design or if they have recently updated their stock. Virtual Tours remain online until you wish to have it updated or removed.

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