Elevate Your Brand with Enhanced Virtual Tours

Looking to take your virtual tour experience a notch higher? Our Enhanced Virtual Tours are designed to do just that, offering a more personalised and branded experience.


Key Features


Branding: Integrate your brand’s logo and colour scheme, ensuring your virtual tour is a true extension of your business identity.


Custom Navigation: Make it easy for visitors to explore your space with a branded, user-friendly navigation menu.


Interactive Info Points: Engage visitors with pop-up info boxes that provide interesting details about different aspects of your space.


Video and Sound: Enhance your brand’s story by using video and audio to highlight products, services, and amenities, creating a more engaging and sensory experience for viewers.


Website Links: Effortlessly connect the virtual experience with your digital presence. Direct potential customers to your website or online store for quick purchases or reservations, like booking accommodations or buying tickets.


Social Sharing: Increase the visibility of your virtual tour with an easy-to-use social sharing feature. Share your virtual experiences on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach a broader audience and attract more engagement.




These features not only enhance user engagement but also reinforce your brand’s identity, making your virtual tour a powerful marketing tool. Enhanced Virtual Tours are perfect for businesses looking to provide a richer, more interactive online experience.


At Inside My Business, we specialize in creating tours that beautifully blend functionality with branding. Get in touch to elevate your brand’s virtual presence!